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Meet Noah

“It is always so rewarding when making a difference in someone’s life, for me especially a child. Noah is a 12 year old with autism. His parents understand the importance of getting rid of toxins and especially heavy metals, so they were open to hearing about NCD. He started slow, and after just the first few days, they noticed his eyes were more focused and not drifting. In just 3 weeks, he is back riding his bicycle that he hasn’t rode for years. Imagine what is in store for him!” Elaine



Meet Heidi

NCD has this mom and her newborn breathing easier…

“I am breastfeeding my four-month-old baby girl, but still have to supplement with formula. A few weeks ago, she started having tummy trouble. She was constipated and spitting up about half of what she ate, even the breast milk. I started taking more drops of NCD (10) before I would nurse her and also giving her 2 drops 3 times a day. I am so happy to report that she started having regular bowel movements within a few days, and quit spitting up altogether!!! Thank you, thank you. I was so worried about her, and now she’s a happy, healthy baby.” Heidi


Meet Roger

“I have had fibromyalgia about 15 years. The last 5 years have been especially painful. I quit working because of it 4 years ago. On day 8 of taking Waiora’s NCD (Natural Cellular Defense) I woke up at least 95% free of muscle and joint pain. Five weeks later, I’m am now off all asthma and allergy medicines. Thank You Waiora!” ~Roger P.


Meet William’s Grandson

“My grandson has allergies to nuts, animal dander and is also lactose intolerant. He has been this way since he was born. He is ten months old now. I started him on NCD for the last month, and his allergies have gone away. He also seemed to have a lot of congestion quit a bit. Now that is gone also. He’s a happy camper these days, thanks to Waiora and NCD.”


Meet Kevin

“My life began anew when I was introduced to Waiora a little over two years ago. I was over 300 lbs, sick from toxic overload, and on a fast track to only one destination: 6 ft in the wrong direction!! Since that time, i have lost over 130 lbs, feel great,and can actually LIVE life!! Natural Cellular Defense led the charge against my bodies burden, and now with MegaDefense added to the arsenal, i have no doubt that I’ll be even healthier!! No germ or bacteria out there will get through MY Waiora shield!!”


Meet Laura

“I have suffered from debilitating panic attacks since I was 17 years old. There were points in time that my anxiety became so intense that I feared the very thought of leaving my own home. I lost my job, the ability to drive, and strained relationships with close friends and family members who just didn’t understand. Despite the daily frustration and confusion I did what most people in my condition do, I followed my doctor’s orders and took high doses of anti depressants and anti anxiety medication. With this safety net I was able to push through many of my fears, but never truly overcome them. I was also hit with an enormous amount of side affects that often made me wonder if I was doing more harm to my body than good. After much skepticism I decided to take an alternative route and DETOX my body, with hopes that I could regain mental clarity and overcome the physical symptoms associated with panic disorder. I learned of Waiora through a friend who insisted that these products would boost my detox program and NATURALLY bring balance back into my life – oh has it ever!! After ONE WEEK of taking a combination of NCD and MegaD, the fuzzy feeling in my head was gone. Slowly but surely I could feel my everyday nervousness subsiding. After one month I was shopping, driving, socializing, living life as normal as I can remember it ever being. I completely and totally attribute my personal successes to Waiora’s MEGA D and NCD. It has brought more than balance to my life, and I will never go a day without it again. For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to my future! Thank you Waiora, for saving my life!” ~Laura G


Meet Antoinette’s Son

“Sometime ago, my son started to develop an eye infection to where it was deep red, thinking it may have been ‘pink eye’ I immediately put 1 drop of NCD in the eye and gave him 1 capsule of MD. It did disappear the next morning. A day later, after I got home from work, it was deep red again. I asked if how he felt, he said fine, assuming he may be coming down with something. I asked if it was hurting of itchy, and he said no. I treated it again, 1 drop of NCD in both eyes, and 1 capsule of MD. The next morning it disappeared. A little history of my son, he was born with severe allergies so he is prone to any type of allergy. He spent all day Friday with my mom who has a dog, and he
was tested to be allergic to pets, so I assumed it was all this.

However, had he not been on MD (or had I not put 1 drop of NCD in his eye), it would have lasted much longer. He’s had eye infections plenty of times and I know the duration of it with prescribed eye drops. We didn’t do any of the such this time. We have been using Waiora products since January 2011, and always will. Thank you!”


Meet Michelle Mom

“My mom was falling apart; carpal tunnel and a knee injury that didn’t seem to heal. She was taken out of work by her doctor because the pain was so bad and her medications weren’t helping. I called to check on her one day, and by the sound of her voice I could tell she was so depressed and in pain and just frustrated. I was researching natural detox diets and ran into Waiora zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense). I told my mom about it, and said she had nothing to lose. She said she was so frustrated she’d try anything so she did. Three days later I called to check on her and she sounded like a new person! She could not believe it, her knee pain was gone! Her hands were feeling better and she could knit again. She is so happy she believes it’s a miracle. Thank you so much for giving my mom her life back. smile emoticon” ~Michelle C.