Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Posted on Nov 11, 2015

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

With flu season well underway, it’s important to take precautions against the virus, like washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough and staying at home when you are sick.

According to the CDC, influenza peeks around late December and early January. Health officials recommend getting the flu vaccine, so if you haven’t already done so there is still plenty of time.

Being sick doesn’t mean that you’re unhealthy. It’s actually just an indicator of you receiving a virus, and it’s about how quickly you recover from that virus. But, if you still want to avoid spending a week in bed, try taking Waiora’s MegaDefense. It’s a great way to build up your immune system.

MegaDefense is a premium, all-natural, immune-support solution. Pairing the power of the world’s safest immune-modulating herb with the first, proven heavy metal and toxin remover.

Taking MegaDefense as a preventative measure rather than a treatment is the best course of action.

Here are a few facts about the flu:

  • The flu can kill. The flu might not just keep you away from work or school. The consequences can be serious: hospitalization and sometimes death.
  • The flu vaccine can make you feel bad. A vaccine will prompt the body’s immune system to kick into action. That stimulation can cause muscle aches and fever, mimicking an infection.
  • The flu virus is infectious. You can be infectious before you’re even aware that you’re sick. Most adults are capable of transmitting the flu to others one day before symptoms appear, and they remain infectious for five to seven days after onset.

Flu tends to spread quicker where people gather, and schools and workplaces are places where a lot of people tend to gather. Keep you and your family safe this flu season with Waiora’s MegaDefense.

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