Are You Sure You Want To Eat That?

Posted on Apr 3, 2015

Are You Sure You Want To Eat That?

Often times we see or hear about a product that is supposed to be healthy for us, but do you actually take the time out to research the product and its health benefits? Advertising and misinformation about what we eat can make foods appear healthy, even if nothing can be further from the truth.

Did you know that some common cancers may be affected by what we eat? Cancers such as, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer.

8 Foods Deadly to Your Health:

Processed Meat: Meats preserved by smoking, curing, salting or that contain chemical preservatives, are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. Most are manufactured with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite, used to turn packaged meats a bright red color so they look fresh.

Farmed Salmon: Farmed salmon is not only lower in vitamin D than wild-caught salmon, but higher in contaminants, including carcinogens, PCBs, flame retardants and pesticides including DDT. Wild salmon is a healthier choice.

Canned Tomatoes: The lining of most canned foods contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that acts as an estrogen and disrupts hormonal activity in the body. Studies show that BPA may be linked to heart disease, intestinal damage, and infertility and other reproductive issues.

Soda: Sodas are an empty source of calories, which cause weight gain and contribute to today’s epidemic of obesity. They are loaded with sugar and contain artificial food colorings and chemicals.

Protein Bars: They may seem like a healthy snack choice, but some proteins bars can contain more fat and carbs than a chocolate brownie.

GMO’s: Genetically modified organisms (MO’s) are foods that have been modified by chemicals and grown with chemicals. GMO’s do not have to be listed on food labels, so read carefully and look for labels that state the food is GMO free.

Refined Sugars: Refined sugars are not only known to spike insulin levels, but also to be the most preferable food for cancer cells, thus promoting their growth.

Hydrogenated Oil: Commonly used to preserve processed food and lengthen their shelf-life. Hydrogenated oil can alter the structure and flexibility of cell membranes throughout the body, which can lead to a host of debilitating diseases, such as cancer.

Eating smart is one way to help minimize the risk to cancer-causing chemicals. However, since much of your exposure is invisible, tasteless and odorless, your best bet for reducing the impact of exposure to chemicals, pollutants and other life-threatening toxins is with Natural Cellular Defense, the only proven heavy metal and toxin remover.

Eat smart, think smart, be smart!